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About CQEquineGifts

- I started CQ Equine Gifts after making a few rhythm bead necklaces for my own horses and then a few more to donate to a local horse rescue for a fundraiser. Then I added personalized saddle accent clips and mane clips for my "horse friends" and their owners.

 I started getting inquires from others and then this hobby became something more, and CQ Equine Gifts was started.  Now we are so much more than just "Gifts"  

- In 2009 I was fortunate to be selected to be a representative for Fuzzy Logic Equine, Inc and Shear Comfort Products - both GREAT products.  In 2010 we added a couple of more suppliers and are growing in products all the time!  
I like to carry products that I personally use and Made in the USA gets special consideration also.


Our big change in 2015 was  adding the product Hip Klips.  Wonderful for all types of activities, not just horseback riding.


We also in the past several years have been a vendor at some great shows.   See our show schedule to see where we will be next.   We would love to meet you


 Since starting into horses over 20 years ago, my husband and I are totally "owned" by our horses and we love to trail ride. We have branched out into traveling more in the last few years and ride in IN, TN, IL, VA, KY , MO and AL. We have made great friends, some of whom we meet with every year to ride.


If you have any questions, comments, please contact me via email

Claudia@cqequinegifts.com or call me at 502-295-1405 -between  9am-5pm EST time.

A few of our suppliers that you can visit for more items available to you, if you would like "our" pricing, just contact us










Authorized Representative for Hip Klips in Indiana