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Winter pasture care


Great article on protecting your pastures in winter weather

Summer Horse Care Checklist

Summer Horse Care ChecklistHEALTHLet your horse stay in during the hottest hours of the afternoon. If that isn'tpossible, make sure there is adequate shade throughout the day for all of thehorses in your pasture, whether it is from leafy trees or a manmade shelter.Remove manure from turnouts and clean your outdoor water troughs regularly toeliminate [...]

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Five Tips for Buying the Right Used Horse Trailer

This is a great article about buying a used LQ TrailerThere’s a fine art to buying anything used, doubly so when it comes to something as complicated as a horse trailer. You know why you’re looking for a used trailer -- maybe you don’t really haul your horses that often, or perhaps you’re just [...]

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What are the benefits of a dry lot

We use our dry lot in all the situations mentioned in this articleYou may have a turn out that is just, well, dirt. You may call it a dry lot, a dirt paddock, a sacrifice paddock, the back 40, whatever. But in a nutshell, it’s an area of your farm that is basically [...]

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Seasonal Horse Care Checklist

A checklist to consider for the upcoming Fall months of Sept,October and November -- from the Horse ChannelFall Horse Care ChecklistHEALTHSchedule your fall vaccinations. Depending on your horse's age, lifestyle and region, your annual spring shots may need to be supplemented by a six-monthvisit. Talk to your vet to determine your horse's individual needs.Call the [...]

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10 Hot Weather Horse Care Tips

Summer heat can be dangerous for horses, resulting in dehydration, lethargy, and general malaise. Severe heat stress can cause diarrhea, or even colic. But owners can take important steps to keep horses safe and comfortable during the hot days ahead.In a release issued June 19, Janet Johnston, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, ACVS, an emergency critical care [...]

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Is it too hot to ride your horse?

Is it Too Hot to Ride Your Horse? It’s summer and the temperatures are over 100 degrees in many parts of the country. These temperatures can have an effect on horses as well as humans. It is important to know when horses are at risk for heat stress and today we are going to talk [...]

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List of Suppliers

We have access to thousands of items, but only list our best sellers on our website.  We want to be your "go to tack and supply store" so here is a list of our suppliers we use most often.If you see anything you want "our" pricing on-- just email me @     [...]

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News Update!!!!

The Tolt Equestrian Wear line of mid season pants are on their way!!!  We are so happy to be one of the few retailers in the country selling these great pants.For now, till the summer pants start production, we will order on a as needed basis.  Orders will go in to Tolt Equestrian approx every [...]

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