CBD for your Dog?

2nd Jan 2019

CBD For Fido?December 28, 2018 You’ve sipped on CBD cocktails, slathered your skin with infused lotion, dropped dollops of CBD oil onto your food. But have you ever thought about giving CBD to your p … read more

Hemp Oil for Horses

Posted by By Kentucky Equine Research Staff on 5th Dec 2018

Hemp Oil for Horses April 23, 2018 By Kentucky Equine Research Staff                … read more

Winter pasture care

30th Oct 2016 article on protecting your pastures in winter weather … read more

Summer Horse Care Checklist

24th Aug 2015

Summer Horse Care ChecklistHEALTHLet your horse stay in during the hottest hours of the afternoon. If that isn'tpossible, make sure there is adequate shade throughout the day for all of thehorses in y … read more

Five Tips for Buying the Right Used Horse Trailer

Posted by on 31st Oct 2014

This is a great article about buying a used LQ TrailerThere’s a fine art to buying anything used, doubly so when it comes to something as complicated as a horse trailer. You know why you’re looking f … read more