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Summer Horse Care Checklist


Summer Horse Care Checklist


Let your horse stay in during the hottest hours of the afternoon. If that isn't

possible, make sure there is adequate shade throughout the day for all of the

horses in your pasture, whether it is from leafy trees or a manmade shelter.

Remove manure from turnouts and clean your outdoor water troughs regularly to

eliminate mosquito breeding grounds. Use fly sprays as directed and if your horse

is really bothered by bugs, outfit him with a fly mask and fly sheet during the day.

Remove the fly mask to clean it and your horse's face daily.

Check water sources throughout the day. Water buckets left in direct sun can

become too hot for your horse to drink. If you have automatic waterers, check

them every day to make sure they are working properly.

If your horse has white on his nose, apply sunscreen or outfit him with a fly mask

that covers his nose to prevent sunburn.


Clean your grooming tools. Remove as much hair and dirt as possible, then scrub

your brushes in a mixture of soap and water. If you fear a fungus, you can

disinfect your brushes in a bucket full of water with a couple of tablespoons of

bleach. Make sure to rinse thoroughly, then let them dry in the sun.

Grain, especially sweet feed, can spoil faster in heat and humidity. Keep your

grain stored securely and consider buying smaller quantities more frequently so

that you aren't storing grain in your barn for long periods.

Drag your pastures. Very hot, sunny days are ideal for dragging your turnout

areas as any parasite eggs in the manure will dry out quickly. Keep horses off the

pasture for a few weeks after dragging. In cooler or wet climates, remove the

manure instead of dragging.


Adjust your riding schedule to avoid the heat. Set your alarm early to fit in a ride

in the morning when the temperature is coolest. If that isn't possible, wait until

late evening or restrict your riding to shady trails.

During the busy riding and competitive season, keep a journal of your goals and

achievements so that you can refer back and see your progress throughout the



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