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Don't Touch MeTM Outdoor Body Spray

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The Art & Science of Pure Essential Oils™.

Enjoy the great outdoors with Annie Oakley's Don't Touch Me Outdoor Body Spray without attracting pesky critters. Made with the highest quality pure essential oils with uplifting notes of lemon, cocoa, and vanilla, and created like a fine fragrance you expect from Annie Oakley.

Don't Touch Me Outdoor Body Spray can be sprayed on the body, clothes and even be used on your sleeping bag! Don't Touch Me contains rare essential oils isolates from Annie Oakley, clinically tested to be more effective than DEET. HAPPINESS GUARANTEED!


800 Sprays per bottle


Riders, Horses and Dogs love it too.  For Horses and dogs just spray down their back and other areas and when those pesky bugs come around, it will

create a bulletproof veil to chase and keep them away