FAQ about Hip Klips

  1. What type of fabric are the pockets made of?
    The pockets vary between 100% Cotton Canvas, 50-50 Poly-Cotton Blend, and 100% Synthetic. The description of the pocket is in the "details" link under the Pocket image. 
  2. What do you mean by "screened"?
    The print that appears is done by silk screening the fabric before they are sewn. Some are fully screened which means all the fabric has been covered with print, and some are partially screened meaning some of the plain canvas shows through.
  3. What are the Klips made of?
    The klips are Stainless Steel. We previously carried Nickel Plated Iron but have now done a complete cross-over... since about March 2013. 
    Not only are the klips stronger, they do not Rust. 
  4. . What size pocket is best for me?
    The first thing in determining this is what size phone you have. 
    Standard Smart (6.25"L x 5.25"W) best accommodates: 
    Iphone 4 (4.54"x2.31") 
    Iphone 5s (4.87"X2.31") 
    Iphone 5c (4.90"X2.33") 

    Large Smart (7"L x 5.75"W) best accommodates: 
    Iphone 6 (5.44"x2.64) 
    Galaxy S3 (5.38"x2.78") 
    Galaxy S4 (5.38"x2.74") 
    Galaxy S5 (5.59"x2.85") 

    XL Smart (8"L x 6"W) best accommodates: 
    Iphone 6 plus (6.22"x3.06") 
    Galaxy Note 3 (5.95"x3.12") 
    Galaxy Note 4 (6.04"x3.09") 
    Galaxy Mega (6.59"x3.46") 
    The other determining factor is what other necessities do you like to have at your fingertips at all times. 

    If you are a "keep it basic" kinda lady (only need phone, ID, credit card and a little cash) you can go with the Standard Smart size even if you have a phone listed under Large Smart section. As you can see by the measurements the Standard Smart pocket is large enough, there just isn't a lot of extra room for other items. 

    If you are a "keep it chic" kinda lady who's basic needs require a few extra items (phone, ID, credit card, cash, lip gloss, mascara, gum etc.) a Large Smart pocket might suit your needs better even if you have a phone listed under the Standard Smart section. This pocket is still suitable if you have the phones listed in the Large Smart section and like to carry a few extra "basic needs". 

    If you are a "keep it classic" kinda lady who's basic needs require even more basic items (phone, ID, credit cards, cash, checkbook, lip gloss, a lite snack etc.) an XL Smart pocket might best suit your needs. Even with these new large phones this pocket has plenty of extra room in it.