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News Update!!!!


The Tolt Equestrian Wear line of mid season pants are on their way!!!  We are so happy to be one of the few retailers in the country selling these great pants.

For now, till the summer pants start production, we will order on a as needed basis.  Orders will go in to Tolt Equestrian approx every 2 weeks.  Please order direct on the website so we can order your exact size, length and color desired.

When the summer pants start production we will have stock in store for immediate delivery.  Balck will be available along with some great new colors.

Stay tuned and if we can help you look for any equine related items, just contact us.  We have thousands of items available thru our many suppliers that aren't listed on the website, but can be ordered just for you.

We are looking forward to an exciting year -- stay tuned for new updates


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